March 29, 2003
by Margarete Parks. 

LATE MODELS On what looked liked to be a bad night for racing turned out to bring plenty of hot racing action at the track with 27 super late model drivers on hand.  The action started with qualifying for the Super Late Models with the track record being broke not once but twice.  First to break the record was Shane Tankersley with a 12.77 then Shane Clanton turned a 12.69.  Starting behind these two speed o's was Johnny Chastain, Clint Smith, Gary McPherson, Jay Brinkley. Once the race started it was Tankersley out front with Clanton on his bumper and making advances in the turns to side by side racing but could not hold on in the straights. Meanwhile behind the leaders there was plenty of action and this race had its fare share of cautions with the race ending with Tankersley taking the flag to flag win followed by Shane Clanton, Clint Smith, Gary McPherson, Johnny Chastain, Jay Brinkley, David Payne, Shorty Frazier, Jody Summerville in B.Goss car, Jason McMahan, Rodney Martin, Shane Chastain, Billy Mayo, Jerry Bradley, Kevin Burke, Russ Main, David Killian, Joe Armes, Ronnie Johnson, Davy Davis, Bear Paterson, Dale McDowell, Kevin Gibson and Lamar Scoggins. 
LIMITED LATE MODELS with Bobby Mayse taking the pole and Daven Dilbeck outside it looked as if Mayse was going to take home the win but with a caution on lap 15 on the restart Dilbeck jump to the front for the finial 5 laps to take the win over Bobby Mayse, David Rogers, Johnny Cloer Jr., Phillip Anderson, Tony Brindle, Marvin Allen, Roger Frye, Chris Stewart, Matt Gainer, Len McNeese, Henry Snow, Jeff Jones and Mickey Youngblood. 
SPORTSMAN division it was Reed Johnson and Derek Ellis on the front row for winning their HEAT races. Their main no at NGS it Feature races was going smoothly until the wreck with Charles Ward and Darrell Sullivan on the back straight with both driver coming out unhurt and the race got underway with Darel Ownbey moving up but it was Derek Ellis taking the win over Ownbey, Reed Johnson, Aaron Wheat, Tony Walston, Jarrod Nichols, Brent Clark, Billy Callahan, Charles Ward, Darrell Sullivan, Jim Clark, Scott Chitwood. 
HOBBY class what else can be said Chip Brindle was back with his car fixed from last week and the results were Brindle, Bentley Goff, Greg Ledford, Chris Sizemore, Don Farmer, John Clark, Troy Massingill filling in for his grandson Josh Davis off this week doing his military duties, Matt Morr, Wallard, Charlie Tankersley. 
MINI STOCK with Steven Campbell taking a spin on the first lap and going to the rear the win was wide open but it was Greg Callahan taking the win over 'Lukie' Shipman, Billy Haswell, Tim Duggard, Mitchell Shook, Brad Gladden, Garrett, # 26 and Barry Shook. 
STREET STOCK was a fast one with the race being with Donnie Farmer and Lee Shipman. The results were Bryan Chapman, Donnie Farmer, Lee Shipman and car 29.  April 5th race starts NGS points races.

1. Shane Tankersley T31- Morganton,Ga.
2. Shane Clanton 25- Locust Grove, Ga.
3. Clint Smith 44- Senoia, Ga.
4. Gary McPherson 29m- Dalton, Ga.
5. Johnny Chastain 00- Murphy, NC
6. Jay Brinkley 10- Shelbyville, Tn.
7. David Payne 8- Murphy, NC
8. Shorty Frazier 11- Clevelanld, Tn.
9. Jody Summerville 24- Rome, Ga.
10. Jason McMahan 10- Knoxville, Tn.
11. Rodney Martin 92- Cartersville, Ga.
12. Shane Chastain x15-Murphy, NC
13. Billy Mayo 12- Cleveland, TN.
14. Jerry Bradley 25- Dalton, Ga.
15. Kevin Burke 9- Dalton, Ga.
16. Russ Main 79- Acworth, Ga.
17. David Killian K25- Murphy, NC
18. Joe Armes 77- Morgan Co.,Tn.
19. Ronnie Johnson 5- Chattanooga, Tn.
20. Davy Davis D11- Tunnel Hill, Ga.
21. Bear Patterson D7- Ellijay, Ga.
22. Dale McDowell 17m- Rossville, Ga.
23. Kevin Gibson M45- Ringgold, Ga.
24. Lamar Scoggins 32- Clevelalnd, Tn.
25. James Cline 3- Oxford, Al
not making the show
R12 Rodney Weeks
25 Scott Garner

1. Daven Dilbeck 30- Copperhill, Tn.
2. Bobby Mayse B5- Harrison, Tn.
3. David Rogers 00- Ellijay, Ga.
4. Johnny Cloer Jr. 41- Chatsworth, Ga.
5. Phillip Anderson 9A- Calhoun, Ga.
6. Tony Brindle 91
7. Marvin Allen J88
8. Roger Frye 6
9. Chris Stewart 4
10. Matt Gainer G21
11. Len McNeese 84
12. Henry Snow 3
13. Jeff Jones J28
14. Mickey Youngblood 44

1. Derek Ellis 99- Chatsworth, Ga.
2. Darel Ownbey 22- Calhoun, Ga.
3. Reed Johnson 11- Dalton, Ga.
4. Aaron Wheat 2- Chatsworth, GA.
5. Tony Walston 31- Dalton, Ga.
6. Jarrod Nichols 73
7. Brent Clark 50
8. Billy Callahan 32
9. Charles Ward 48
10. Darrell Sullivan 00
11. Jim Clark 47
13. Scott Chitwood 13

1. Chip Brindle 38- Chatsworth, Ga.
2. Bentley Goff 4- Chatsworth, Ga.
3. Greg Ledford 15- Talking Rock, Ga.
4. Chris Sizemore 20- Canton, Ga.
5. Don Farmer 7- Dalton, Ga.
6. John Clark 47
7. Troy Massingill T7
8. Matt Morr 17
9. Wallard 29
10. Charlie Tankersley 35

1. Greg Callahan 23- Chatsworth, Ga.
2. 'Lukie' Shipman 44- Dalton, Ga.
3. Steven Campbell 11- Gerorgetown,Tn.
4. Tim Duggard 12- Ooltewah, Tn.
5. Mitchell Shook T07- Auburn, Ga.
6. Brad Gladden 18
7. Grady Garrett 13
8. Jamie Cross 26
9. Barry Shook 2

1. Bryan Chapman 17- Plainville, Ga.
2. Donnie Farmer 7- Dalton, Ga.
3. Lee Shipman 8- Calhoun, Ga.
4. #29

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