APRIL 26th 2003
Arp holds off McDowell for North Georgia win
by Roby Helm
CHATSWORTH, Ga. (April 26, 2003) - Even though he had to change his line and go where he didn't want to go, Skip Arp of Georgetown, TN held off the hard late-race charge of Dale McDowell of Rossville, GA to win the Xtreme DirtCar Series 60-lap Peach State Classic on Saturday night at North Georgia Speedway. Arp pocketed $10,100 on the night driving the Crown Fiber GRT/Gaerte Grand Prix.

Arp took the lead on lap five and was able to use the smooth high line around the 3/8-mile high-banked clay oval to maintain a four car-length advantage over the 1999 series champion McDowell in the Larry Shaw Race Cars/J&J Steel Rocket By Shaw/Custom Grand Prix. In the closing laps of the race, lapped traffic forced Arp to the bottom of the track.

McDowell, who worked the inside part of the track to his advantage throughout the race, closed in on Arp and was able to pull along side the leader with three laps to go. Arp cleared the traffic in the last two laps to take a two car-length win over McDowell.

Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC had his Youngblood Concrete Mastersbilt/Cornett Taurus up front all night long. Cook led for one lap on the fourth tour of the race, but came home a close third. Steve Francis of Ashland, KY led the first three laps of the race, but faded to finish fourth in the Valvoline/Mopar Parts Rocket/Stanton Intrepid.

Four-time XDCS Champion Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN took the fifth spot in the Miller Brothers Coal Warrior/Custom Taurus, and Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN was sixth in the Race Tech Race Engines Rocket/Race Tech Monte Carlo.

The 1996 XDCS Champion Freddy Smith of Knoxville, TN brought the White Oaks Motorsports Warrior/Gaerte Intrepid home in the seventh spot, and Duayne Hommel of Newport, TN finished eighth in the Alert Oil & Gas Warrior/Pro Power Monte Carlo.

XDCS point leader Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound, WI was ninth in the Jimmy Mars Racing Mastersbilt/Pro Power Monte Carlo, and 1993 XDCS Champion Clint Smith of Senoia, GA rounded out the top ten in the JP Drilling GRT/Race Tech Monte Carlo.

Arp brought the field down for the green flag at the start of the race, but it was outside front row starter Francis that took the point with Arp, McDowell and Cook following. Cook made a bold move on lap four, passing McDowell in turn one on the outside, slipping under Arp coming off turn two, and then driving under Francis to take the lead coming off turn four.

The next lap saw Arp set up camp on the high groove about two-thirds of the way up the banking, and drove around Cook on the next lap to take the lead, bringing Francis and McDowell with him.

The first of five caution flags came out on lap six when Vic Hill of Mosheim, TN stalled the Ecoquest GRT/Vic Hill Grand Prix on the front straightaway. Arp led the field down for the double-file restart. Arp was in a row to himself, with Francis in second on the inside of the row behind the leader, and third-place McDowell to the outside of Francis.

While Arp opened up a three car-length advance when the field went back to green, McDowell had the preferred line on the outside and drove past Francis for the second spot. Bloomquist and Shannon Babb of Decatur, IL passed Cook to take over the fourth and fifth spots respectively.

The quartet of Francis, Bloomquist, Babb and Cook waged a fierce battle for the third spot, while Arp and McDowell began to pull away.

David Payne of Murphy, NC spun the Payne Tire GRT/Race Tech Grand Prix in turn four on lap 13 to bring out the second caution flag. Arp led McDowell, Francis, Babb, Cook, and Bloomquist down for the restart.

Cook worked around Babb for fourth on the restart, but Randle Chupp of Mooresville, NC stalled the Biscotti's Restaurant Rocket/Race Tech Grand Prix in turn four to unfurl the third caution flag on lap 14. One lap later, the fourth caution flag came out for Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH in the QPI Tools Dirt Ripper Mastersbilt/Malcuit Monte Carlo that stalled on the front stretch.

The restart saw Babb drive past Cook to retake the fourth spot, but Babb began to slow off the pace on lap 16, and the car came to a stop in turn three on lap 17 to bring out the fifth and final caution flag. Babb's Car City Company Rayburn/Dickens Monte Carlo was done for the night. With the green flag coming out for what would be the long haul to the finish, the field settled in.

Arp maintained a five car-length advantage over McDowell using his consistent groove around the track, not wavering a foot either way. McDowell was able to keep pace with the leader, and Cook kept McDowell in his sights from the third spot.

Francis and Bloomquist battled the rest of the way for the fourth spot with Francis running the middle groove, and Bloomquist trying to charge around the hub.

With ten laps to go, Arp had to go to the bottom groove of the track as he lapped Terry English of Benton, KY in the Petroff Towing Rayburn/Runyon Monte Carlo and Bobby Turner of Ballground, GA in the Milwood Plumbing Rocket/Draime Monte Carlo. English and Turner were battling for position at tail end of the lead lap.

Arp made it around English, but McDowell was closing fast. Arp threw a slider on Turner coming off the fourth turn, with Arp's right-rear tire making contact with Turner's left-front tire. This move opened up the inside groove for McDowell to challenge for the lead on lap 56.

McDowell pulled along side Arp coming off the fourth turn on lap 57, but the lapped cars cleared out, and Arp got back up in his favorite groove to hang on for the win.

Payne and Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA shared the $100 Advance Auto Parts Hard Charger Award. Payne started 22nd, came back from his early race spin and finished 13th. Birkhofer made the race with a provisional, started 23rd, and finished 14th in the Seubert Calf Ranches Mastersbilt/Pro Power Grand Prix.

Arp earned the pole position for the race after winning the third 10-lap heat race, and then winning the four-lap Action Performance Dash. Fourth heat race winner Francis finished second in the dash, followed by Cook, who won the first heat race and the JE Pistons $100 Bonus Award. Second heat race winner McDowell took the fourth spot in the dash.

Babb was fast qualifier among the 47 entrants with a lap in 13.684 seconds for an average speed of 98.655 miles per hour. Babb's teammate, 1997 XDCS Champion Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR won the 1st 10-lap consolation race in the J&J Steel/Hawkeye Truck Sales Mastersbilt/Dickens Monte Carlo, and Hill won the second consolation race.

Mars remains the XDCS point leader by 17 points over Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL as the Xtreme DirtCar Series heads to Delta Bowl Speedway in Tunica, MS on May 3 for a 75-lap $15,000-to-win main event in front of the SPEED Channel cameras. Pearson finished 12th in the Lucas Oil/Dunn-Benson Ford Rocket/Eatmon Taurus.

1. 1 31a Skip Arp Georgetown, TN Pont. 60 $10,100
2. 4 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA Pont. 60 $6,100
3. 3 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC Ford 60 $3,200
4. 2 m15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Dodge 60 $3,200
5. 7 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Ford 60 $2,600
6. 14 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN Chev. 60 $1,800
7. 15 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN Dodge 60 $1,600
8. 11 h2 Duayne Hommel Newport, TN Chev. 60 $1,400
9. 16 28 Jimmy Mars Elk Mound, WI Chev. 60 $1,800
10. 9 44 Clint Smith Senoia, GA Chev. 60 $1,100
11. 12 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Ford 60 $1,850
12. 20 1 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Ford 60 $1,550
13. 22 8 David Payne Murphy, NC Pont. 60 $950
14. 23 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA Pont. 60 $1,525
15. 21 J1 John Jones Ringgold, GA Chev. 60 $850
16. 19 114 Randle Chupp Mooresville, NC Pont. 60 $825
17. 8 44m Chris Madden Gray Court, SC Pont. 59 $800
18. 13 31 Bobby Turner Ballground, GA Chev. 59 $750
19. 24 96 Terry English Benton, KY Chev. 59 $1,300
20. 10 99 Donnie Moran Dresden, OH Chev. 58 $1,300
21. 17 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR Chev. 24 $700
22. 5 18 Shannon Babb Decatur, IL Chev. 16 $1,000
23. 18 1h Vic Hill Mosheim, TN Pont. 5 $700
24. 6 7 Matt Miller (R) Waterville, OH Pont. 0 $700

not making the field:
87 Rex Richey Ringgold, GA
1 Lamar Scoggins Cleveland, TN
5 Ronnie Johnson Chattanooga, TN
9 Jason Croft Woodstock, GA
K0 Kelly Hanvey Cullman, AL
87 Derrick Rainey Powder Springs, GA
K25 David Killian Murphy, NC
81 Aaron Ridley Chatsworth, GA
29M Gary McPherson Dalton, GA
25 Shane Clanton Locust Grove, GA
24 Tom Maddox Center, AL
M45 Kevin Gibson Ringgold, GA
00 Randy Korte Highlalnd, IL
11 Jody Coltrane Cumming, GA
14 Derrick Laney Ft. Payne, AL
92 Rodney Martin Cartersville, GA
22 Mark Roland Jasper, GA
S9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI
70 Jeff Smith Dallas, NC
T31 Shane Tankersley Morgonton, GA
0 Steve Shaver Parkersburg, WV
17 Ricky Williams Payetteville, GA
21 Royce Bray Hull, GA

PROVISIONALS: Birkhofer and English
LEAD CHANGES: 2 Among 3 Drivers
LAP LEADERS: Francis, 1-3; Cook, 4; Arp, 5-60
LAPS LED: Arp, 56; Francis, 3; Cook, 1
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS HARD CHARGER: Payne (started 22nd and finished 13th) and
Birkhofer (started 23rd and finished 14th)
XTREME SHOOTOUT INVITEES: Owens, Hommel, Payne, Jones, Turner, and Hill (Promoter's Choice)


1 18 Shannon Babb Decatur, IL Rayburn Dickens 13.684 14.198 13.684 98.655
2 7 Matt Miller (R) Waterville, OH Rocket Russell Baker 13.909 13.718 13.718 98.411
3 31a Skip Arp Georgetown, TN GRT Gaerte 14.089 13.720 13.720 98.397
4 44m Chris Madden Gray Count, SC Barry Wright Clements 13.910 13.733 13.733 98.303
5 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC Mastersbilt Cornett 13.757 13.838 13.757 98.132
6 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA Rocket Custom 13.981 13.764 13.764 98.082
7 h2 Duayne Hommel Newport, TN Warrior Pro Power 14.087 13.813 13.813 97.734
8 m15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Rocket Stanton 13.849 13.891 13.849 97.480
9 25 Shane Clanton Locust Grove, GA Rocket Custom 13.860 14.047 13.860 97.403
10 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR Mastersbilt Dickens 13.919 13.902 13.902 97.108
11 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Warrior Custom 13.916 13.971 13.916 97.011
12 1 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Rocket Eatmon 13.926 14.066 13.926 96.941
13 44 Clint Smith Senoia, GA GRT Race Tech 14.017 14.026 14.017 96.312
14 99 Donnie Moran Dresden, OH Mastersbilt Malcuit 14.118 14.019 14.019 96.298
15 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN Warrior Gaerte 43.556 14.040 14.040 96.154
16 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Rocket Cornett 14.309 14.046 14.046 96.113
17 J1 John Jones Ringgold, GA GRT Race Tech 14.253 14.049 14.049 96.092
18 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN Rocket Race Tech 14.063 14.449 14.063 95.997
19 M45 Kevin Gibson Ringgold, GA Larry Shaw Race Tech 14.118 14.065 14.065 95.983
20 24m Tom Maddox Center, AL Larry Shaw Race Tech 14.072 15.022 14.072 95.935
21 31 Bobby Turner Ballground, GA Rocket Draime 14.226 14.082 14.082 95.867
22 s9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI Warrior Pro Power 14.135 14.086 14.086 95.840
23 1h Vic Hill Mosheim, TN GRT Vic Hill 14.092 14.157 14.092 95.799
24 28 Jimmy Mars Elk Mound, WI Mastersbilt Pro Power 14.375 14.108 14.108 95.690
25 00k Randy Korte Highland, IL Rocket Race Tech 14.243 14.122 14.122 95.596
26 25k David Killian Murphy, NC Mastersbilt Allen 14.197 14.132 14.132 95.528
27 T31 Shane Tankersley Morgonton, GA Rocket Race Tech 14.141 14.849 14.141 95.467
28 8 David Payne Murphy, NC GRT Race Tech 14.240 14.157 14.157 95.359
29 114 Randle Chupp Mooresville, NC Rocket Race Tech 14.262 14.197 14.197 95.091
30 9 Jason Croft Woodstock, GA Rocket Hatfield 14.240 NT 14.240 94.803
31 1s Lamar Scoggins Cleveland, TN Mastersbilt Race Tech 14.286 14.271 14.271 94.597
32 70 Jeff Smith Dallas, NC GRT Gaerte 14.272 14.406 14.272 94.591
33 29m Gary McPherson Dalton, GA Mastersbilt Race Tech 14.273 14.346 14.273 94.584
34 5 Ronnie Johnson Chattanooga, TN Warrior Helmley 14.334 14.274 14.274 94.578
35 87r Derrick Rainey Powder Springs, GA Rocket Race Tech 14.278 14.283 14.278 94.551
36 11 Jody Coltrane Cumming, GA Rocket Custom 14.402 14.290 14.290 94.472
37 87 Rex Richey Ringgold, GA Rocket Race Tech 14.627 14.297 14.297 94.425
38 0s Steve Shaver Parkersburg, WV Rocket Malcuit 14.358 14.365 14.358 94.024
39 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA Mastersbilt Pro Power 14.419 14.439 14.419 93.626
40 96 Terry English Benton, KY Rayburn Runyon 14.601 14.492 14.492 93.155
41 92 Rodney Martin Cartersville, GA Warrior Hunt 14.730 14.507 14.507 93.059
42 K0 Kelly Hanvey Cullman, AL Fast Performance 14.597 NT 14.597 92.485
43 21b Royce Bray Hull, GA Warrior Clements 14.959 14.667 14.667 92.043
44 17 Ricky Williams Fayetteville, GA Rocket Custom 14.921 14.814 14.814 91.130
45 22 Mark Roland Jasper, GA Stinger Custom 14.855 14.838 14.838 90.983
46 14 Derrick Laney Fort Payne, AL TnT Laney 14.921 14.843 14.843 90.952
47 81 Aaron Ridley Chatsworth, GA Rocket Allen NT NT NT NT

HEAT RACES (10 Laps - Top 4 Finishers Transfer To Main Event)

JE PISTONS 1ST HEAT: 1. Cook; 2. Babb; 3. C. Smith; 4. Turner; 5. Chupp; 6. Jones; 7. Richey; 8. McPherson; 9. Korte; 10. Martin; 11. Roland; 12. Clanton.

2ND HEAT: 1. McDowell; 2. Miller (R); 3. Moran; 4. Owens; 5. Moyer; 6. Killian; 7. Schlieper; 8. Johnson; 9. Shaver; 10. Croft; 11. Hanvey; 12. Laney.

3RD HEAT: 1. Arp; 2. Bloomquist; 3. Hommel; 4. F. Smith; 5. Hill; 6. Gibson; 7. Rainey; 8. Birkhofer; 9. Scoggins; 10. Tankersley; 11. Ridley; 12. Bray.

4TH HEAT: 1. Francis; 2. Madden; 3. Eckert; 4. Mars; 5. Pearson; 6. Payne; 7. English; 8. Coltrane; 9. J. Smith; 10. Williams.

ACTION PERFORMANCE DASH (4 Laps): 1. Arp; 2. Francis; 3. Cook; 4. McDowell.

CONSOLATION RACES (10 Laps - Top 3 Finishers Transfer To Main Event):

1ST CONSY: 1. Moyer; 2. Chupp; 3. Jones; 4. Killian; 5. Schlieper; 6. Richey; 7. Johnson; 8. McPherson; 9. Croft; 10. Shaver; 11. Korte; 12. Martin; 13. Hanvey; 14. Roland; 15. Laney.

2ND CONSY: 1. Hill; 2. Pearson; 3. Payne; 4. English; 5. Rainey; 6. Gibson; 7. Birkhofer; 8. Coltrane; 9. Tankersley; 10. Ridley; 11. Bray; 12. Scoggins.


1. Jimmy Mars - 937
2. Earl Pearson Jr. - 920
3. Steve Francis - 901
4. Rick Eckert - 863
5. Brian Birkhofer - 837
6. Scott Bloomquist - 835
7. Donnie Moran - 805
8. Terry English - 800
9. Dale McDowell - 793
10. Ray Cook - 711
11. Dan Schlieper - 708
12. Randle Chupp - 686
13. Randy Korte - 656
14. Matt Miller (R) - 650
15. Mike Balzano - 631
16. Steve Shaver - 625
17. Rob Blair - 624
18. Freddy Smith - 565
19. Shane Tankersley - 559
20. Rick Aukland - 533

R - Denotes Lucas Oil Rookie of the Year Candidate

April 26
By Billy Kilgore.
The Rest of The Story
While the Extreme series may have been the main attraction tonight at North Georgia Speedway, they were far from the only racing at Mike Lee's speedplant, as a 30 lap $1000 to win limited special shared the spotlight along with regular events in sportsman, and hobby. With the drop of the green in the Limited Late Model feature, Daven Dilbeck would rocket from his outside front row starting spot to the point leaving Tony Brindle in tow. Clear of the battle behind him, Dilbeck started to put distance on the field as Brindle had to deal with constant challenges from Phillip Anderson, Trig Parris, and Johnny Cloer Jr. As the race wore on, Brindle would bow out due to mechanical woes, leaving Cloer and Anderson to battle each other from the runner up spot. A late race caution would bunch the field giving everyone one last shot at Dilbeck, but he was not to be denied as he rocketed away with the victory. Dilbeck picked up a cool grand for his efforts, and was followed to the line by, Phillip Anderson, Johnny Cloer Jr., Danny Pippin and Brian Burke. The Sportsman feature would be next on the agenda and the field would be led to the flag by heat winners Roger Lowery, and Jared Nichols. Lowery would blast to the lead, with Nichols, Derrick Ellis, and last week's winner Darel Ownbey in tow. Lowery, Ellis, and Ownbey would wage war for the next several laps with Ellis getting front end damage and pitting for repairs. Ownbey would keep up the pressure and eventually take over the point from Lowery before a lap 9 caution. As the race resumed, Ownbey would cruise to his second victory in a row over Lowery, Nichols, Charles Ward, Brent Clark and Tim Chastain. The evening would conclude with the Hobby feature with Bentley Goff taking a hard fought victory. Goff was able to fend off constant pressure from Chip Brindle and Greg Ledford to score his second victory in a row. He was followed closely to the stripe by Brindle, Ledford, John Clark, Chris Sizemore, Jeff Paige and Jim Honeycutt.

Peach State Dirt Classic
$1000. 30 Laps
1. Daven Dilbeck 30 Copperhill, TN ($1,000)
2. Phillip Anderson 9A Calhoun, GA
3. Johnny Cloer Jr. 41 Chatsworth, GA
4. Danny Pippin 76 Red Bank, TN
5. Brian Burke B39 Dalton, GA
6. Labron Sparks 1
7. Pat Crutchfield 11 Flintstone, GA
8. Mike Krizanovic 10 Whitwell, TN
9. Charlie Hatler H22 Harrison, TN
10. Trig Parris 31 Epworth, GA
11. Leon Brindle 21 Chatsworth, GA
12. Benny Davis D44
13. Mike Satterfield 22s Calhoun, GA
14. Tony Brindle 91 Dalton, GA
15. 6 Roger Frye Trion, GA
did not start
14 Jason Durham
135 Hal McMichen

1. Darel Ownbey 22 Calhoun, GA
2. Roger Lowery 9 Chatsworth, GA
3. Jared Nichols 73 Blue Ridge, GA
4. Charles Ward 48 Summerville, GA
5. Brent Clark 50 Tunnel Hill, GA
6. Tim Chastain c4 Rock Springs, GA
7. Derek Ellis 99 Chatsworth, GA
8. Jim Clark 47 Tunnel Hill, GA
9. Anthony Quarles 42
10. Scott Chitwood 13 Resaca, GA

1. Bentley Goff 4 Chatsworth, GA
2. Chip Brindle 38 Chatsworth, GA
3. Greg Ledford 15 Talking Rock, GA
4. John Clark 47 Tunnel Hill, GA
5. Chris Sizemore 20 Canton, GA
6. Jeff Paige 33 Ringgold, GA
7. Jim Honeycutt 66 Cartersville, GA
did not start
95 Dawayne Ward




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