April 5, 2003
First Points race for the season.

SPORTSMAN'S Darel Ownbey was on a  roll and looking for his first win.  Taking his heat race then jumping to the lead in the Feature with a few challenges from Derek Ellis this was Darels night out front and no one was going to take it away.  The results were Ownbey, Ellis, and an impressive show for third by Aaron Wheat, and fourth for Delbert Haynes first night of the season, Billy Callahan, Keith Chastain, Jared Nichols, Scott Chitwood, Scott Green and Charles Ward.
SUPER LATE MODEL Clint Smith may have set fast time but John Jones was there for the win and after all the cautions and they got some green flag laps John was half trackin second and third place cars.  With a lap car spining in turn 3 with 5 laps to go It was still John Jones all the way followed by Gary McPherson, Clint Smith, David Payne, Rodney Martin, Jody Summerville, Jeff Smith, David Killian, Jeff Weber, Kevin Burke, Russ Main, Bear Patterson, Kevin Gibson, Kevin Bradshaw, Jerry Bradley, Jason Croft and Buster Goss. 
HOBBY class was out to set the track on fire with Jerry Kinseys car catching on fire early on and taking his car out of the nights race.  Then during the feature Chris Sizemore saw  a few flames but was able to continue.  With a second and a third place under his belt Greg Ledford found his first checkered flag.  Greg was pursued by John Clark, Don Farmer, Bentley Goff, Troy Massingill, Mark Knox, Chris Sizemore, Robert Hammontree, Aaron Begley and Mickey Long. 
LIMITED LATE MODEL after numerous starts AND cautions the race was over when Daven Dilbeck took the lead but hard charging James Gamble was pressing but had to settle for second they were followed by Johnny Cloer Jr. Danny Ledford, Tony Brindle, Johnny Parris, Charlie Hatler, Roger Frye, Randy Dillard, Rodney DeFoor and Jeff Helton. 
STREET STOCK was a 3 for 3 for winner Bryan Chapman and putting on an impressive show for his second season racing and his first trip to NGS was Willie Miller finishing second followed by Dell Worley, Donnie Farmer, Jerry Almond, Troy Cobb and Lee Shipman. 
MINI STOCK with just a couple of caution it was Steven Campbell leading the way to the checkered flag for his second NGS win of the season.  Campbell was followed by Mitchell Shook, 'Lukie' Shipman, Barry Shook, Grady Garrett, Young and Jimmy Whaley.

1. John Jones J1 Ringgold, Ga.
2. Gary McPherson 29m Dalton, Ga.
3. Clint Smith 44 Senoia, Ga.
4. David Payne 8 Murphy, NC
5. Rodney Martin 92 Cartersville, Ga.
6. Jody Summerville 25 Rome, Ga.
7. Jeff Smith 84
8. David Killian K25
9. Jeff Weber 17
10. Kevin Burke 9
11. Russ Main 79
12. Bear Patterson D7
13. Kevin Gibson M45
14. Kevin Bradshaw 8
15. Jerry Bradley 25
16. Jason Croft 9
17. Buster Goss 24


1. Daven Dilbeck 30 Copperhill, Tn.
2. James Gamble 27 Chattanooga, Tn.
3. Johnny Cloer Jr 41 Chatsworth, Ga.
4. Danny Ledford 4
5. Tony Brindle 91 Dalton, Ga.
6. Johnny Parris 31 Ellijay, Ga.
7. Charlie Hatler H22
8. Roger Frye 6
9. Randy Dillard 51
10. Rodney DeFoor 21
11. Jeff Helton 111
12. David Rogers 00
13. Terry Hall 58
14. Chris Williams 73
15. Mike Weber 55
16. Jason Earley E98
17. Bo Stanley Jr. 49
18. Sott Franks 4
19. Marvin Allen J88
20. Phillip Anderson 9A


1. Darel Ownbey 22 Calhoun, Ga.
2. Derek Ellis 99 Chatsworth, Ga.
3. Aaron Wheat 2 Chatsworth, Ga.
4. Delbert Haynes 11 Tunnel Hill, Ga.
5. Billy Callahan 32 Chatsworth, Ga.
6. Keith Chastain 29 Dalton, Ga.
7. Jared Nichols 73
8. Scott Chitwood 13
9. Scott Green 34
10. Charles Ward 48

1. Greg Ledford 15 Talking Rock, Ga.
2. John Clark 47 Tunnel Hill, Ga.
3. Don Farmer 7 Dalton, Ga.
4. Bentley Goff 4 Chatsworth, Ga.
5. Troy Massingill T7 Resaca, Ga.
6. Mark Knox 46 Tunnel Hill, Ga.
7. Chris Sizemore 20
8. Robert Hammontree 31
9. Aaron Begley 7
10. Mickey Long 01


1. Steven Campbell 11 Georgetown, Tn.
2. Mitchell Shook T07 Auburn, Ga.
3. 'Lukie' Shipman 44 Dalton, Ga.
4. Barry Shook 2 Ellijay, Ga.
5. Grady Garrett 13
6. Young 17
7. Jimmy Whaley 21


1. Bryan Chapman 17 Plainville, Ga.
2. Willie Miller 70 Chattanooga, Tn.
3. Dell Worley 33
4. Donnie Farmer 07 Dalton, Ga.
5. Jerry Almond 2 Chatsworth, Ga.
6. Troy Cobb 80
7. Lee Shipman 8

And I would like to thank all the nice peoplethat help with my van. Jerry Kinsey, Tim & Vickie Chastain, Willie Miller & Crew, Troy Massingill, Racing with Rex and any other of thesuper nice racing bunch at NGS that helped and my Husband who met me in Rocky Face and got it the rest of the way home.



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