May 24, 2003
by Billy Kilgore and Margarete Parks

The" Valvoline Memorial 60" SUPER LATE MODELS was turned into the Chris Madden invitational tonight at North Georgia Speedway, as Madden would set fast time and go on to win in dominating fashion. Madden would lead from green to checkered, but that far from tells the story of the event as the feature proved to be action packed. As the evening's festivities began, Madden would put the Barry Wright house car on the pole with a quick lap of 13:25. He would be joined on the front row by East Tennessee veteran Vic Hill. Rounding out the top five in qualifying would be Rick Hixson, Kevin Gibson, and Ricky Williams.
With the top eighteen being locked in through qualifying, the consy event saw some surprises, as multi time track champion Gary McPherson had to make the feature by winning the consy. He was followed to the stripe by Kevin Burke, Lewisburg, TN hotshoe David Gentry, Perry Delaney, Kenneth Sweatt, and Aaron Ridley.
As the green dropped on the feature, Madden would blast to the point leaving Hill to battle with Gibson, and a charging Shane Tankersley. Further back in the field, Ronnie Johnson would roll to the high side, and find it to his liking. Following a lap four caution, which ended the night for Alabama driver Anthony Burroughs, Tankersley would shoot by Hill for the runner up spot. Soon after Johnson would do likewise, but Madden had but distance on the battle behind him. The battle was intense throughout the field as mid-pack, Hixson, Rodney Dickson, Jeremy Clements, John Jones, Gary McPherson, and Bobby Turner all waged war. Something had to give on this pack, and finally on lap 39 it did as Jones charged turn three. Contact with the Hixson ride resulted in a spinning Jones. JJ Sideways night would go from bad to worse, as he would be part of a wreck on the very next green flag lap that also involved McPherson and Turner. That would end the night for Jones. Under the lap 40 caution, recent high school graduate Jeremy Clements would exit the track, giving up his strong top 10 run. Following a caution that would end the night for Bobby Turner, Tankersley and Johnson would swap the runner up spot several times, as it became apparent that Madden was the class of the field. Derrick Rainey made a late race charge on the high side to challenge late, getting by Tankersley for third late in the race. At the drop of the checkers, it would be Madden celebrating his birthday in grand fashion, as he pocketed $5,000 for his efforts. Madden would be followed to the line by Johnson, Rainey, Tankersley, Williams, Dickson, McPherson, Rick Hixson, Gentry, Kevin Gibson, Chuck Proctor, Kevin Burke, David Killian, Perry Delaney, David Payne, Jeremy Clements, Jerry Bradley, Aaron Ridley, Mid Durham, Vic Hill, Bobby Turner, John Jones, Kenneth Sweatt and Anthony Burroughs.

In LIMITED LATE MODEL action, Daven Dilbeck's reign of terror was halted by first time limited winner Jason Durham. Durham would win the first heat, and hold off a charging Dilbeck in the end to earn a hard fought feature win. Dilbeck had charged from his sixth starting spot to runner up status, but was unable to get by Durham after a lap 12 caution had bunched the field. Following the twosome to the line were, second heat winner Jeff Jones, former late model track record holder Shannon Bearden, the Mopar powered machine of Tony Brindle, Labrone Sparks, Leon Brindle, Brian Burke, Jimmy Gray, Davy Davis, Roger Frye, Donnie Blackwell and Scott Franks.

The SPORTSMAN race was probably the best of the year in that class, as Darel Ownbey would make a late pass of Derek Ellis to take the victory. Ellis had won the battle by winning the second heat over Ownbey, but Ownbey would win the war by taking the feature after a lap 10 pass. The duo would be followed by First heat winner Reed Johnson, Randy Lumpkin, Keith Chastain, Charles Ward, Billy Callahan, Jerome Blackwell, Jason Ledford and Tim Chastain won a trip to the hospital and a cast on his arm for his trophy.

The HOBBY feature would take on a familiar look as last year's track champion Chip Brindle would cruise to a relatively easy victory after winning the first heat. Second heat winner Greg Ledford would hold down the runner up spot for most of the race before being forced pitside with engine troubles on lap 10. Brindle would be chased to the line by Chris Sizemore, Don Farmer, Roger Scott, Jerry Kinsey, Justin Mitchell, Josh Davis, Aaron Begley and Ledford.

MINI STOCK saw just a couple of cautions and a new winner as Tim Duggard took the checkered over Lukie Shipman, Steven Campbell, Jimmy Whaley, Barry Shook, Ralph Langston, Grady Garrett, Greg Callahan and first timer Bobby Douglas.

STREET STOCK ran their race caution free and it was Bryan Chapman taking the win over Donnie Farmer, David Ghorley, Pat Wilson, Willie Duck Miller, Jason Walston, Troy Cobb and Lee Shipman.

SUPER LATE MODEL Valvoline Memorial 60 $5000.
1. Chris Madden 44 Gray Court, SC
2. Ronnie Johnson 5 Chattanooga, TN
3. Derrick Rainey 87 Powder Springs, GA
4. Shane Tankersley T31 Morganton, GA
5. Rick Williams 17 Fayetteville, GA
6. Rodney Dickson 18
7. Gary McPherson 29
8. Rick Hixson 16
9. David Gentry 56
10. Kevin Gibson M45
11. Chuck Proctor 27
12. Kevin Burke 9
13. David Killian K25
14. Perry Delaney 04
15. David Payne 8
16. Jeremy Clements 51
17. Jerry Bradley 25
18. Aaron Ridley 81
19. Mid Durham 98
20. Vic Hill 1
21. Bobby Turner 31
22. John Jones J1
23. Kenneth Sweatt
24. Anthony Burroughs
dns J.O. Nobles j0
dns Gabe Wilson 12W
dns Brian Hickman 41

1. Jason Durham 14 Chickamauga, GA
2. Daven Dilbeck 30 Copperhill, TN
3. Jeff Jones J28 Dalton, GA
4. Shannon Bearden 55 Cherry Log, GA
5. Tony Brindle 91 Dalton, GA
6. Labrone Sparks 1
7. Leon Brindle 21
8. Brian Burke H22
9. Jimmy Gray 11
10. Davy Davis B39
11. Roger Frye 6
12. Donnie Blackwell 72
13. Scott Franks 4
dsn Matt Gainer G21

1. Darel Ownbey 22 Calhoun, GA
2. Derek Ellis 99 Chatsworth, GA
3. Reed Johnson 44 Dalton, GA
4. Randy Lumpkin 22 Calhoun, GA
5. Keith Chastain 29 Dalton, GA
6. Charles Ward 48
7. Billy Callahan 32
8. Jerome Blackwell 82
9. Jason Ledford 11
10. Tim 'Broke Arm' Chastain c4

1. Chip Brindle 38 Chatsworth, GA
2. Chris Sizemore 20 Canton, GA
3. Don Farmer 7 Dalton, GA
4. Roger Scott Plainville, GA
5. Jerry Kinsey 14 LaFayette, GA
6. Justin Mitchell 11
7. Josh Davis T7
8. Aaron Begley 01
9. Greg Ledford 15
dns Olan Patterson R1
dns Bentley Goff 4
dns Brian Winkler 35
dns Dawayne Ward 95

1. Tim Duggard 12 Ooltewah, TN
2. Lukie Shipman 44 Dalton, GA
3. Steven Campbell 11 Georgetown, TN
4. Jimmy Whaley 21 Dalton, GA
5. Barry Shook 2 Ellijay, GA
6. Ralph Langston 14
7. Grady Garrett 13
8. Greg Callahan 23
9. Bobby Douglas op1
dns Billy Haswell 11

1. Bryan Chapman 17 Plainville, GA
2. Donnie Farmer 7 Dalton, GA
3. David Ghorley 2 Resaca, GA
4. Patrick Wilson 72 Chattanooga, TN
5. Willie Duck Miller 70 Chattanooga, TN
6. Jason Walston 31
7. Troy Cobb 80
8. Lee Shipman 8
dns Chapman 14





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